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On top of Independence Monument, Colorado

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Climbing granite in Unaweep Canyon

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Independence Monument, desert tower near Grand Junction

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Independence Monument (5.9, 4 pitches) At the heart of the Colorado National Monument, near Grand Junction, is a huge tower that stretches up 500 feet from the canyon floor. Independence Monument was featured as a Rock & Ice Classic in 1994. Jeff Fassett called it "a novel and highly enjoyable climb... a fun day climb with extra time for relaxation or a few more pitches on the nearby sandstone rock formations." Rates

Unaweep Canyon Granite (5.5 to 5.13) A rock climber's dream, Unaweep Canyon, 30 minutes from Grand Junction, Colorado is lined on both sides with 25 miles of beautiful, solid granite cliffs, crags, boulders, and cracks. This is a favorite spot for the training courses as well as multi-pitch climbing experiences and top-rope climbing. Unaweep is appropriate for every skill level and has enough uncrowded walls to keep us climbing for days. Rates may be for toprope & single pitch or multi-pitch

Unaweep Canyon Sandstone Sport Climbing (5.5 to 5.11) Hone your sport climbing skills on a great variety of bolted sandstone face climbs on Grit Wall and Four Blocks Wall. Rates

Colorado National Monument ( 5.7 to 5.12) The sandstone walls of Colorado National Monument form a scenic backdrop for the towns of Grand Junction and Fruita, Colorado. For climbers, they provide easy access to dozens of high-quality redrock climbing routes and desert towers at all levels. "Excellent Wingate sandstone, superb crack systems, and numerous spires attract climbers to the monument." -Stewart M. Green, Rock Climbing Colorado, A Falcon Guide, 1995" Rates may be for toprope and single pitch or multi-pitch

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